Tiphareth Kether 13 Gimel ג

Beth. Tarot The Priestess (II)
Beth. Gematria Binah
Beth. Hebrew ג (Gimel)
Beth. Coptic Ⲅ (Gamma)
Beth. Greek Γ (gamma) / Hecate
Beth. Planets
Beth. i'Ching ䷌ / ䷬
Beth. Formulæ Realizing Spiritual Truth
Beth. Descriptives Uniting Path
Beth. Zodiac (moon)
Beth. Egyptian Godforms Isis, Heqet
Beth. 7:7: "I await Thee in sleeping, in waking. I invoke Thee no more; for Thou art in me, O Thou who hast made me a beautiful instrument tuned to Thy rapture."
Beth. Gematria of spelling of Hebrew letter G(3)+M(40)+L(30)=73
Beth. Chokmah Kaph
Beth. Chokmah Aleph
Beth. Kaph Tiphareth , 100
Beth. Kaph Kether , 100