Grades 351 Grade Signs

Beth. Chokmah Beth
Beth. Kaph Grades , 100
Beth. Chokmah Kaph
Beth. Tree mapped attribute selections 351,36,34,65,333,52,350
Initiatory Practices Grade Signs Grades Operational Imagery Egyptian HieroGlyph
attr imgIpsissimus (10°=1□)attr imgattr img
attr imgMagus (9°=2□)attr imgattr img
attr imgMaster of the Temple (8°=3□)attr imgattr img
attr imgAdeptus Exemptus (7°=4□)attr imgattr img
attr imgAdeptus Major (6°=5□)attr imgattr img
The Invocation of the Holy Gaurdian Angel / Bornless One / True Will / Ougioudeseattr imgAdeptus Minor (5°=6□)attr imgattr img
Godform Invocation, Artwork Creationattr imgPhilosophus (4°=7□)attr imgattr img
Logic, Mathematics, Communicationsattr imgPracticus (3°=8□)attr imgattr img
Pranayama, Dream Control, Astral Projectionattr imgZelator (2°=9□)attr imgattr img
Asana, Exercise, Dance, Eatingattr imgNeophyte (1°=10□)attr img