777 Consciousness Expansionvia Dimensionality Visualizationvia Qabalistic Attribution Mapping

Language 43 Descriptives Simple Description

Descriptives Hebrew English Number Tarot
Crown / Unityכתר (KThR)Kether1Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Disks
Wisdomחכמה (ChKMH)Chokmah2Peace, Love, Dominion, Change
Understandingבינה (BINH)Binah3Sorrow, Abundance, Virtue, Works
Mercyחסד (ChSD)Chesed4Truce, Luxury, Completion, Power
Strengthגבורה (GBVRH)Geburah5Defeat, Disappointment, Strife, Worry
Beautyתפארת (ThPARTh)Tiphareth6Science, Pleasure, Victory, Success
Victoryנצח‎ (NTzCh)Netzach7Futility, Debauch, Valour, Failure
Splendourהוד (HVD)Hod8Interference, Indolence, Swiftness, Prudence
Foundationיסוד (ISVD)Yesod9Cruelty, Happiness, Strength, Gain
Kingdomמלכות (MLKVTh)Malkuth10Ruin, Satiety, Oppression, Wealth
Scintilating Pathא (Aleph)Aleph11The Fool (0)
Transparent Pathב (Beth)Beth12The Magus (I)
Uniting Pathג (Gimel)Gimel13The Priestess (II)
Illuminating Pathד (Daleth)Daleth14The Empress (III)
Constituting Pathה (He)He15The Star (XVII)
Eternal Pathו (Vau)Vau16The Hierophant (V)
Disposing Pathז (Zain)Zain17The Lovers (VI)
Influential Pathח (Cheth)Cheth18The Chariot (VII)
Activating Pathט (Teth)Teth19Lust (XI)
Intelligent Pathי (Yod)Yod20The Hermit (IX)
Conciliatory Pathכ (Kaph)Kaph21Fortune (X)
Faithful Pathל (Lamed)Lamed22Adjustment (VIII)
The Path of the Water Serpentנ (Nun)Nun24Death (XIII)
Knowledgeדעת (Da'aTh)Da'ath33
Endless Lightאין סוף אוֹר (Ain Soph Aur)Ain Soph Aur39
Limitlessnessאין סוף (Ain Soph)Ain Soph40
Nothingאין (AIN)Ain41