777 Consciousness Expansionvia Dimensionality Visualizationvia Qabalistic Attribution Mapping

Language 333 Gematria Number Values of Letters

Beth. Tabular attribute map selections 43,34,35,333,52,36,66
Beth. Tree mapped attribute selections 347,333,52,350,333,52,350
Descriptives Hebrew Formulæ Gematria English Number Tarot
Crown / Unityכתר (KThR)Birth, Start, Differentiation / Death, End, UnificationK(20)+Th(9)+R(200)=229Kether1Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Disks
Wisdomחכמה (ChKMH)Extension, DuplicationCh(8)+K(20)+M(40)+H(5)=73Chokmah2Peace, Love, Dominion, Change
Understandingבינה (BINH)Intelligence, AdaptabilityB(2)+I(10)+N(50)+H(5)=67Binah3Sorrow, Abundance, Virtue, Works
Mercyחסד (ChSD)Endurance, Kindness, MemoryCh(8)+S(60)+D(4)=72Chesed4Truce, Luxury, Completion, Power
Strengthגבורה (GBVRH)Severity, PowerG(3)+B(2)+V(6)+R(200)+H(5)=216Geburah5Defeat, Disappointment, Strife, Worry
Beautyתפארת (ThPARTh)Dynamic Harmony, Meeting the HGA, Imagination?Th(9)+P(80)+A(1)+R(200)+Th(9)=299Tiphareth6Science, Pleasure, Victory, Success
Scintilating Pathא (Aleph)Facing the Creator1Aleph11The Fool (0)
Transparent Pathב (Beth)Seeing of Visions2Beth12The Magus (I)
Uniting Pathג (Gimel)Realizing Spiritual Truth3Gimel13The Priestess (II)
Illuminating Pathד (Daleth)Fundamental Holiness4Daleth14The Empress (III)
Constituting Pathה (He)Substance of Creation5He15The Star (XVII)
Eternal Pathו (Vau)Pleasure of Paradise6Vau16The Hierophant (V)
Disposing Pathז (Zain)Foundation of Faith7Zain17The Lovers (VI)
Influential Pathח (Cheth)Understanding Causality8Cheth18The Chariot (VII)
Activating Pathט (Teth)The Experience of Blessings9Teth19Lust (XI)
Intelligent Pathי (Yod)Knowledge of Existence10Yod20The Hermit (IX)
Conciliatory Pathכ (Kaph)Transmitting Divine Influence20Kaph21Fortune (X)
Faithful Pathל (Lamed)Increasing Spiritual Virtue30Lamed22Adjustment (VIII)
מ (Mem)Increasing Consistency40Mem23The Hanged Man (XII)
The Path of the Water Serpentנ (Nun)Renewal and Change50Nun24Death (XIII)
ס (Samekh)The Alchemical Processes60Samekh25Art (XIV)
ע (Ayin)70Ayin26The Devil (XV)
פ (Pe)The Nature of Existence80Pe27The Tower (XVI)
ץ (Tzaddi)Understanding the Depths90Tzaddi28The Emperor (IV)
ק (Qoph)The Formulation of the Body100Qoph29The Moon (XVIII)
ר (Resh)Celestial Arts and Astrology200Resh30The Sun (XIX)
ש (Shin)Regulating the Creation300Shin31The Aeon (XX)
ת (Tau)Directing Life Energies400Tau32The Universe (XXI)
Endless Lightאין סוף אוֹר (Ain Soph Aur)0Ain Soph Aur39
Limitlessnessאין סוף (Ain Soph)00Ain Soph40
Nothingאין (AIN)A(1)+I(10)+N(50)=61Ain41
attr imgTrigrammaton63