777 Consciousness Expansionvia Dimensionality Visualizationvia Qabalistic Attribution Mapping

Binah 4 Chesed Mercy

The Master Strategist
Beth. Planets ♃ (Jupiter)
Beth. Colors Blue
Beth. Grades Adeptus Exemptus (7°=4□)
Beth. Hebrew חסד (ChSD)
Beth. Tarot Truce, Luxury, Completion, Power
Beth. Elemental Water?
Beth. Human Ruach
Beth. Geometry Square
Beth. Family Mother?
Beth. Archangels Tzadqiel
Beth. Formulæ Endurance, Kindness, Memory
Beth. Crystals Lapis Lazuli
Beth. Dimensional Space
Beth. Gematria Ch(8)+S(60)+D(4)=72

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