777 Consciousness Expansionvia Dimensionality Visualizationvia Qabalistic Attribution Mapping

Initiation 35 Formulae

English Formulae Initiatory Practices Number Tarot Image
KetherUnity, Source1Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Disks
ChokmahDuplication2Peace, Love, Dominion, Change
BinahIntelligence, Adaptability3Sorrow, Abundance, Virtue, Works
ChesedEndurance, Kindness, Memory4Truce, Luxury, Completion, Power
GeburahSeverity, Will5Defeat, Disappointment, Strife, Worry
TipharethImagination, Holy Gaurdian Angel, Ougioudese, True Personality, Human SoulDynamic Harmony, The Invocation of the HGA/Bornless One6Science, Pleasure, Victory, Success
NetzachDesire, Feeling, Emotion, Personal MagnetismInterpersonal Expression, Godform Invocation, Artwork7Futility, Debauch, Valour, Failure
HodThought, Majesty, Personal IntellectLogic, Mathematics, Communications8Interference, Indolence, Swiftness, Prudence
YesodImagination, Astral Planes, Ultraviolet Imaging Reflection PlatformPranayama, Dream Control, Astral Projection9Cruelty, Happiness, Strength, Gain
MalkuthPhysicality, Material PlaneAsana, Exercise, Dance, Eating10Ruin, Satiety, Oppression, Wealth