777 Consciousness Expansionvia Dimensionality Visualizationvia Qabalistic Attribution Mapping

35 Formulæ

Hebrew Formulæ Descriptives Initiatory Practices Number Tarot
כתר (KThR)Birth, Start, Differentiation / Death, End, UnificationCrown / Unity1Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands, Ace of Disks
חכמה (ChKMH)Extension, DuplicationWisdom2Peace, Love, Dominion, Change
בינה (BINH)Intelligence, AdaptabilityUnderstanding3Sorrow, Abundance, Virtue, Works
חסד (ChSD)Endurance, Kindness, MemoryMercy4Truce, Luxury, Completion, Power
גבורה (GBVRH)Severity, PowerStrength5Defeat, Disappointment, Strife, Worry
תפארת (ThPARTh)Dynamic Harmony, Meeting the HGA, Imagination?BeautyThe Invocation of the Holy Gaurdian Angel / Bornless One / True Will / Ougioudese6Science, Pleasure, Victory, Success
נצח‎ (NTzCh)Desire, Feeling, Emotion, Personal MagnetismVictoryGodform Invocation, Artwork Creation7Futility, Debauch, Valour, Failure
הוד (HVD)Thought, Majesty, Personal IntellectSplendourLogic, Mathematics, Communications8Interference, Indolence, Swiftness, Prudence
יסוד (ISVD)Imagination, Astral Planes, Ultraviolet Imaging Reflection PlatformFoundationPranayama, Dream Control, Astral Projection9Cruelty, Happiness, Strength, Gain
מלכות (MLKVTh)Physicality, Material PlaneKingdomAsana, Exercise, Dance, Eating10Ruin, Satiety, Oppression, Wealth
א (Aleph)Facing the CreatorScintilating Path11The Fool (0)
ב (Beth)Seeing of VisionsTransparent Path12The Magus (I)
ג (Gimel)Realizing Spiritual TruthUniting Path13The Priestess (II)
ד (Daleth)Fundamental HolinessIlluminating Path14The Empress (III)
ה (He)Substance of CreationConstituting Path15The Star (XVII)
ו (Vau)Pleasure of ParadiseEternal Path16The Hierophant (V)
ז (Zain)Foundation of FaithDisposing Path17The Lovers (VI)
ח (Cheth)Understanding CausalityInfluential Path18The Chariot (VII)
ט (Teth)The Experience of BlessingsActivating Path19Lust (XI)
י (Yod)Knowledge of ExistenceIntelligent Path20The Hermit (IX)
כ (Kaph)Transmitting Divine InfluenceConciliatory Path21Fortune (X)
ל (Lamed)Increasing Spiritual VirtueFaithful Path22Adjustment (VIII)
מ (Mem)Increasing ConsistencyStable Path23The Hanged Man (XII)
נ (Nun)Renewal and ChangeImaginative Path24Death (XIII)
ס (Samekh)The Alchemical ProcessesTentative Path25Art (XIV)
פ (Pe)The Nature of ExistenceExciting Path27The Tower (XVI)
ץ (Tzaddi)Understanding the DepthsAdmiral Path28The Emperor (IV)
ק (Qoph)The Formulation of the BodyCorporeal Path29The Moon (XVIII)
ר (Resh)Celestial Arts and AstrologyCollecting Path30The Sun (XIX)
ש (Shin)Regulating the CreationPerpetual Path31The Aeon (XX)
ת (Tau)Directing Life EnergiesAdministrative PathPranayama32The Universe (XXI)
דעת (Da'aTh)UnexpectedKnowledge33

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